Fri. Jan 28th, 2022


RIFAN recommends databank for farmers

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In a bid to address the challenges of inputs distribution, the Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria (RIFAN), has called for the initiation of a databank of farmers in Kaduna State.

The Deputy Chairman of RIFAN in the State, Muhammed Numbu, who made the call, said that the data would enable the farmers’ associations and government to determine the quantity of farm inputs that should be obtained for farmers.

Numbu also stressed that the databank would assist the government in projecting annual production output of farmers as well as identifying areas of challenges for possible intervention.

“Farmers are where they are today because the association has not been able to properly plan for its members because of lack of reliable data and other farm records”. He said.

The RIFAN deputy chairman further advised that the State government should work with relevant stakeholders to establish a databank on the farmers which would include the size of their individual farmlands and the kinds of crops they cultivated.

“The availability of comprehensive data would facilitate early land preparation as well as procurement and distribution of fertilisers, improved seeds, tractors, agro-chemicals and other farm inputs which farmers need during cropping season”. He added.

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